Wall of Lahore at Nairang Art Gallery

An exhibition of photographs titled, ‘Wall of Lahore’, kicked off at Nairang Art Gallery on Thursday.

US Counsel General Nina Fite inaugurated the exhibition in which 44 photographs, edited by Nayyar Ali Dada, are on display.

The back wall of Lahore Fort has been depicted in these photos.According to Nayyar Ali Dada, splendour of the wall is “unmatched in human history of classical monuments”.

“The design, quality and spirit of this wall is amazing. Sadly, the wall and area around it has always been neglected.”

He said the Department of Archaeology has not paid much attention towards saving this wall. “The documentation done through this exhibition shall serve as a record of the masterpieces of Mughal era,” he said. A large number of students from NCA and Punjab University attended the exhibition and admired the paintings.

Wall of Lahore is the name given to the remarkable facade of the Lahore Fort facing the Manto Park ( now Iqbal Park ). This wall, a composition of exquisite imagery and craftsmanship in ceramics is one of the largest artworks in the world.

A masterpiece of creative imagination, superior skill and an unbelievable scale has been deterioration fast while we fear that we might lose it in the near future.

These reproductions that pay homage to the wall, may later form some kind of documentation or perhaps a book that throws more light on the architecture and the riches of the Lahore Fort

Nina M. Fite Consul General, U.S.A has kindly consented to be the Chief Guest.

Nayyer Ali Dada invites you to the exhibition at Nairang Art Gallery
on Thursday 17Th January 2013
Time: 5:30 PM

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