Visual art exhibition by new talent concludes

A group show of exquisite innovation in visual art by emerging talent will conclude here on July 2 at the National Art Gallery of Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA).

The show entitled “Pastiche” was organised in collaboration with the Ministry of National Heritage and Integration, displaying works of artists Sundas Rana, Narjis Mirza, Faten Suleman, Nazir Ahmas, Rabia Ayub, Amna Saeed, Summaiyah Arshad, Tazeem Anwar, Maimoona Riaz, Afshan Yousaf and Sundas Tariq, who are the graduates of the National College of Arts (NCA).

Featuring art creations of new talent, Pastiche is a work of art using material from similar works, and a work of literature, music, art or cinema that makes use of material from other similar works. The exhibition encouraged dialogue between the audience and the creative thinkers through building a symbolic bridge and enabling the creation of an exciting interactive art work, said Musarrat Naheed Imam, Director Visual Arts of PNCA.

The graduates of 2012 from the Fine Arts Department of NCA have drawn from the images and notions of what they believe Pastiche is. It involved the work of fresh graduates and art practitioners of NCA, who have compiled together their inspiration, new ideas and vision of the post modern Pakistan.

These young creative thinkers are ready to encounter the challenges ahead in terms of creativity, art market, changing geo-political conditions and social needs, she said.

“We are living in precarious uncertain times where we are defining our own spaces and reconstructing our imagined worlds. This year has been a tricky one especially for artists and art enthusiasts,” said Zainab Mawaz, Curator of the show.

Deprivation of basic utilities such as gas and electricity has become the bane and these problems have been highlighted in the artwork produced by the highly talented painters, sculptors and new media artists. The exhibition has significant importance as it features the art creations of new graduating talent of NCA, who will enter the creative fields after having completed their curriculum trainings. Exploring the relatively new medium of installation, all of the artists have used it to create their own metaphors, she said.

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