Unique Exhibition Many Metamorphoses

WARDHA Shabbir, a young artist with a unique sensitivity towards nature has done a great job by highlighting the inseparable triangle of man, animals and nature with a simple statement through her art that all three are intertwined and dependable on each other for their existence, in her unique exhibition titled “Many Metamorphoses”.


The exhibition her creations has an other unique aspect, which has never been highlighted or practiced in the same crude yet highly inspiring manner as she had.


Wardha brought nature, alive and in a very tangible form by spreading green grass’s fragrant patches right from the door-steps of the Rohatas2 Art Gallery to the main exhibition hall while the viewers were requested to walk bare-foot on this grass in the gallery during their encounter with Wardha’s artistic creations.


The serene and ‘natural’ environment itself was a living testimony to the seriousness of Wardha’s commitment and dedication to highlight the cause of nature.


Dead crows lying in various corners of the Rohtas2 art gallery’s floor and framed butterflies on the walls were another shocking reminder of our neglect and disrespect for Mother Nature, which is vital for our existence.


Tuesday, being the inaugural day of this unique show brought in many known and celebrated names in the world of art besides art students, art teachers and art lovers. Saleema Hashmi, Nazish Atta Ullah, Assaad Sallahuddin, Zara David and many known artists graced the opening ceremony of this impressive show of artistic brilliance.

(The News)

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