Two-Person Show at Nomad Art Gallery

Two-person show

on Wednesday 11 April, 2012 at 5:00 pm
the Exhibition will countinue till 17 April, 2012

Nomad Art Gallery
H. # 22, Justice Abdul Rasheed Avenue, F-6/1,

When love and skill work together, expect fine art. The curator of Nomad Art Gallery brought together such works by two contemporary painters with a common interest of using colours as a primary means of expression. The exhibition will open on
Wednesday but the preview day also saw a few guests coming in.

The exhibition gives visitors a hint of their vital talents – more adventurous in techniques and the creative processes.

Sumera Jawad is a graduate and teacher of Punjab University with Masters in Fine Arts (painting) and a gold medalist from the College of Art and Design, University of the Punjab, Lahore. She is also a research scholar for PhD programme (studio based) at the college.

Sumera explored various forms of femininity as depicted through the ages in the realm of art. The use of her broad brush strokes evokes a strong sense of confidence and at the same time tender vulnerability.

Red colour dominates her work and produces a riot of contrasting tones. Her work is impressionistic and contemporary. The figures she painted more or less represent someone but at the same time they crossed over and were changed to symbolise all of us.

Brutal positivism is at play in the works of S. Faraz Ali – recognising facts without becoming excited.

“Reality in my work might be understood to be infinitely complex and, perhaps, ultimately elusive,” said the artist in his statement on the
preview day.

There seemed to be a multi-stranded search for the means to express what it was like to be alive in changing era, said Faraz Ali who is a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi. Each gesture conceals a basic tension. There is certain nobility about the characters in his works, but are somewhat cold to experience.

It seems that the protest may never stop and the dialogue will continue to express certain latent aspirations – essential influences of time.

The artists have had several solo shows and group exhibitions both locally and internationally. The display will run till April 17.


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