Three Day Water Colour Painting Workshop at National Art Gallery Islamabad

A three-day water colour paintings workshop which was conducted by renowned painter Dr Ajaz Anwar and arranged by Pakistan National Council of the Arts concluded here at the National Art Gallery Islamabad.
Dr Ajaz Anwar spent all his life in seeding, nourishing the young in the field and experimented different ideas. Besides his brilliant academic career, Dr Ajaz has many education-providing project to his credit. This workshop is part of his life mission for spreading the art education to new generation on one hand and preservation of heritage on the other. The participating students mostly from local colleges and universities and young artists were taught the theory, skill, techniques use of colour as symbol, material and selection of subject. More then 30 enthusiasts participated in the workshop. The Pakistan National Council of the Arts is emphasizing on promotion of art education to the young generation to engage them in healthy activities.

(Pakistan Today)

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