The image of an image by Faiza Butt

The image of an image by Faiza Butt

The image of an image


Faiza Butt

on Wednesday 5 August 2014 at 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

the Exhibition will continue till 14 August 2014
Daily 11:00 am to 8:00 pm (excluding Sunday)

Canvas Art Gallery

D-40/1-A, Block 4,
Kehkashan, Clifton,

‘We are only what other people consider us to be’ is a dictum that some 20th century fiction writers seem to have come to terms with. But that’s not how artists view life. At least not Faiza Butt, an exhibition of whose paintings titled ‘The image of an image’ is under way at the Canvas Art Gallery.

She is interested, it seems, in the projected images of the people that society, Pakistani society to be precise, is composed of and the reality that lurks behind those images. Hence, it will be safe to infer she doesn’t like to get what she sees. She wants to see what the images don’t want her to see.

This is evident from the ‘Vortex’ series (acrylic glazes on paper). On surface they are images of a shackled or tethered existence. They could also be a pointer to the way individuals are conditioned and are now trapped in a whirlpool of their own preset ideas.

The exhibit titled ‘Memories of times that never were’ (ink on cotton paper) is crammed with images. It is here that Faiza speaks with more force. The fact that there is too much happening indicates how sometimes perceptions (acquired through memory or experience) can prove to be deceptive. The deception is caused by the multitude of experiences that one has had or wishes to have. A touch of photorealism makes the artwork all the more appealing.

‘Does our past have a future’ (ink on polyester film) again, altering an Oscar Wilde phrase, says less and talks more. It talks more because of the vibe of agitation that the artwork gives off. A hint of feminism, not sure; social upheaval, yes.

The artist’s attachment to, and concern for, our society becomes clearer with pieces such as ‘The conversation’ and ‘Pehlwan’. And the simplicity in approaching the subject is mighty impressive.

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