The four-person show at Unicorn Gallery

The province of Sindh has always produced artists with great skill and craft. The trend continues.

Today there are many artists from Sindh who have earned a name in the world not only in the realm of Pakistani art but all genres of art.

A four-person exhibition that commenced on Friday at the Unicorn Gallery highlights the versatility in technique and variety of content that painters and sculptors from that particular region are known for.Let’s begin with Nusrat Raza Mangi’s terracotta and fiberglass work. His efforts depict the milieu that he has witnessed and been a part of. There’s palpability to his exhibits which can readily be felt if the viewer is in physical proximity to them. The staidness with which
he seems to indulge in the creative process is noticeable, and praiseworthy.

The general public, the people, intrigue Hussain Chandio. He paints them not as models but as moving images. His oil-on-canvas pieces appear to be clips of a well-textured feature film with overhead shots alone. The different points of view (or ‘PoVs’ as they’re called in the film industry) that he tries to give in a bunch of paintings at some stage connect to complete a bigger picture. In his paintings the shadows of human figures look more real than his original, perceived subject.

Jam Depar is an established name when it comes to landscaping. The vastness of the sky that he often uses as the background to his swaying trees and sandy or grassy ground delineate the respect that he has for nature. Nature’s munificence is often discussed; what is often ignored about nature is its enormity. And that is what Jam Depar strives to convey.

Perhaps the most engaging pieces in the exhibition have been put up by Manzoor Solangi. His depiction of the common man, the eternal worker (graphite on board) is a sensitive reminder of the plight of those who remain unsung throughout their lives.

The show will run till May 25.

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