The Exhibition ‘Crossed Wires’ at Satrang Gallery

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Displaying a dynamic portrayal of reality blended in imagination, the exhibition ‘Crossed Wires’ opening at Satrang Gallery of Serena featuring Lahore-based artist Ghulam Hussain and Karachi-based artist Imrana Tanveer comes as a tribute to traditional art blended in contemporary aura of creativity.

The exhibition not only pays homage to an age old craft, but it also demonstrates to the viewer the benefits of combining separate schools of thought, traditions and philosophies to form a new, mutually favourable fusion.

The ambassador of the Netherlands, Marcel de Vink, inaugurated the exhibition, appreciating Satrang Gallery for holding another unique display of artworks heralding the New Year.

Speaking to the gathering of art makers and art lovers, he said that the exhibition is a tribute to the traditional art of weaving and both artists captured a dynamic perspective about humanity and addresses issues as intense as insecurity and instability.

Sharing his observation about Pakistani art, he said that artists in Pakistan makes an effort to preserve the soul of society as they function, participate, observe and analyse while also showing us segments of real and imagined worlds. “I think also having been here for a while and looking at the dynamic art in Pakistan, one can see that Pakistan has a very rich soul. At the same time Art is often a comment on what is going on around us and what challenges are present,” the Ambassador said.

Aziz Boolani, CEO of Serena, said: that the Satrang Gallery feel good about exposing unknown artists to right audience for their work. That was the reason behind creating the gallery to promote artists and artisans, he added.

Introducing the exhibition and participating artist duo, Asma Rashid Khan, the Director of the Satrang Gallery said that the Gallery is proud to complete a phenomenal year showcasing the works of 36 artists. Asma said that it is great delight to start the New Year with such as exciting show exhibiting intricately woven pieces portraying metaphorically socio-political as well as subtly geometric works. Asma said that both Ghulam Hussain and Imrana Tanveer have used the traditional weaving technique in their works with thread on paper, creating a linking bond in their diverse aesthetic thoughts and expression, having very disparate styles, both, unusually enough, work and use techniques of weaving in their pieces.

Zahra Khan, the curator of the show described the display works as an ensemble of beautifully woven works of patterns and designs, building a mesh of layers, where disparate individual threads come together in a tapestry of colour, pattern and form to create a new formation and foundation.

Artist Ghulam Hussain said that his inspiration comes from his craft oriented family line, so his artwork is also craft based. His work revolves around the passionate world of childhood memories, transforming into interesting compositions which stimulate the viewer’s imagination and exploration of one’s own memories.

Imrana Tanveer’s work is hybrid form of imaginations and realities. It interrogates and enlightens the world we develop and live in by constructing, deconstructing and reconstructing it again and again i.e. the transmutations in form of weaving.
(Source, TheNews)

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