Spirit of Budo an exhibition history of Japan’s martial arts at NAG

The ‘Spirit of Budo’, an exhibition focusing on the history of Japan’s martial arts, opened at the National Art Gallery (NAG) here on Monday. Organised by the Embassy of Japan in collaboration with the Japan Foundation and the Pakistan National Council of the Arts, the exhibition was inaugurated by Japanese Ambassador Hiroshi Oi.

The ambassador said that the exhibition is a part of the cultural activities being presented to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Pakistan-Japan diplomatic relations. The display presents a brief history of Japanese martial arts from battlefield combat techniques called ‘Bujutsu’ to popular sports or physical exercise to train the body and cultivate the spirit, which is called ‘Budo’. He said that viewers would enjoy this exhibition from the perspective of the arts by discovering aesthetic developments and creativity from old weapons such as bows and arrows, suits of armour and helmets.

The exhibits were placed in two segments covering two aspects of martial arts history. In first part, reproduction and originals from the collection of historical weapons are shown. Through artefacts and costumes, the display presents unique feature and craftsmanship of ancient times with the historical development of Japanese martial arts from the 8th century to the 19th century.

The second segment of the exhibition presents the process of reorganisation of ‘Bujutsu’ to ‘Budo’ in 19th and 20th centuries and how it influenced the day-to-day lifestyle of Japanese people.

The exhibition also illustrates how the spirit of martial arts is still inherent in the daily lives of the Japanese people today. In fact, costumes and equipment of ‘Kendo’ or Japanese fencing, such as bamboo swords, and protectors, that are being displayed are actually used by Kendo players at present.

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