Spaces Art Show at Pattern Gallery


Paintings Exhibition


Asad Nizamani
Mariyam Zia
Amina Cheema
Basira Mehmood
Rabia Yaseen

on Tuesday 5 December 2017 at 9:00 pm
the Exhibition will continue till 15 December 2017

Pattern Art Gallery
Shop No. 3, Plot No. 14 C, Zamzama Commercial Lane 6,
DHA, Opposite Bonanza,
Karachi – Pakistan.


To analyze the perception of space it is mainly concerned with how recognition of an object’s physical appearance or its interactions are perceived and see, for example: visual space.

Asad Nizamani’s work is on spaces in absence of light. As the lights go out, he sees very little of the contours and shadows, he is intimidated by the same space. The unknown space heightens the tension because the mind fails to anticipate. Thus cause the fear what the mind cannot percieve, the absent, the unknown..
As artist concerned the meaning of space, it takes you beyond the limitation of not only physical existance of earth but it takes you beyond the limition of imagination.

Artist Mariyam Zia has the same artistict approach whose work is based on obscured objects of her imagination. Her artistic expression strives to show the feelings of amazement.

Two most striking and perceptible Lahore based artists Amina Cheema and Basira Mehmood exertion is on the perception of surroundings due to its relevance to survival, especially with regards to hunting and self preservation as well as simply one’s idea of personal space.

Rabia Yaseen Assistant Professor and Visual Practitioner at Institute of Visual Arts and Design Lahore College for Women University, Lahore Pakistan inspired with the musical strokes in calligraphic patterns and her experience in imagery where lines lead wherever they may in melodious movement in fluent mix media on canvases and drive her visual lexis to ritual practices at various sufi shrines and punjabi mystic poetry. Her focus of work is to the sensation of realization and inner self .

Mehjabeen Sarwar
Psychologist, Educationist

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