Solo Exhibition on Landscape Paintings Put on show

A solo exhibition of Raja Najamul Hassan’s landscape paintings entitled ‘Roads Less Travelled’ opened here Thursday at Jharoka Art Gallery (JAG) featuring the tranquil patterns of nature reflected in deserts, fields and seas.

The show would continue till December 5 for art lovers to get a taste of stunning glimpses of nature in the techniques of art. “I often paint in severe sunlight which is the most obvious aspect of my work, the blinding glare of the noonday sun and the dark cast shadows dramatically cutting through the picture plane of the crust impasto art works”, he said.

Often playing with horizon line placing it in the top or bottom quarter of the canvas he manages to offset the sunny blue sky and indigo waters with the shimmering hues of the sandy shoreline. Strong contrasting expanses of colours and spots of dark shadow areas make for a limited but dramatically juxtaposed palette with impact value.

Najmi’s colour palette mimics the hues of nature, pale ochre; browns, terracotta and blues are applied with the touches of reds, yellows and green inserted for special effects.

Regarding the act of painting, there is hardly any brushwork in his art and he is a palette knife buff who indulges his think application of colour. The knife-edge loaded with the pigment is plastered onto the canvas in as short abrupt stroke to build a tough abrasive ground. These textural nuances are international as technique plays a major role in his painterly expression. Hassan is a French born, Dubai based artist who paints a natural atmosphere to convey mood and intention.

According to art critic, Majorie Husain, “There are no figures inhabiting the landscape paintings of Hassan, only the tranquil pattern of nature reflected in deserts, fields and seas inspired by Dubai where he currently lives and work as a full time artist. The viewer’s gaze continues to travel across the surface until the sea becomes one with the sky on the horizon”.

Continuing to translate onto surface impressions of his surroundings, Hassan offers views of deserts. Exploring the phenomenon of light and shade examines interesting contracts, shadows appearing almost as separate entities. Najmi’s work documents his impressions of places meaningful to his life lived in several parts of the world that capture the moments, places and romance of the endless beauty of nature.

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