SABZA O GUL at Chawkandi

Sabza o Gul at Chawkandi



Zarina Hashmi
Naz Ikramullah
Meher Afroz
Ghalib Baqar
Farooq Mustafa
Irfan Hasan
Madiha Sikander

on Tuesday 23 September 2014 at 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm
the Exhibition will continue till 8 October 2014

Fragrance and the Heart in Greco-Arab (Yunani) Tradition
a Talk by

Dr. Ali Akbar Husain

Saturday 4 October 2014 at 5:30 pm
Dr. Husain is the author of the book scent in the Islamic Garden,
A Study of Literary Sources in Urdu and Persian Poetry.


Curated by

Amra Ali


Chawkandi Art

105,Marine Point, DCI Kehkashan, Block-9 Clifton,


Sabza O Gul is the first in a series of exhibitions and conversations on the repertoire of the garden that emerges from the artists’ imagination. The notion of the baagh (garden), as centre, within the art gallery, proposes to draw on locations of contemporary aesthetics that may otherwise remain distant. What emerges in the physical proximity of this space is a meeting of trajectories, each of which has had its particular association to elements, such as the gul, (flower), sabza (greenery, foliage), aks (reflection).


The collective work of the seven invited artists Zarina Hashmi, Naz Ikramullah, Meher Afroz, Ghalib Baqar, Farooq Mustafa, Irfan Hasan and Madiha Sikander is anchored in a subtle pace. The garden created here engages with paper as a primary source, as surface and as inspiration. The layers of artists’ form enfold many directions and the challenge has been to hint at cross conversations between sensibilities, in which the framed picture is one of the important ‘frames’ to the world of imagination. The conversation started by the symmetrical in Zarina Hashmi’s woodcut Rani’s Garden (1986) becomes the main anchor to the articulation of fragrance and form of the flower, and the memory of it on paper; in image and text, and in imagery that words create.
Within this conversation are spaces of contemplation, channels of energy and spaces in between where an underlying connection of recollect of this finds reflection in verse, and vice versa. The reference of the Sabza O Gul to Mirza Ghalib’s famous verse in Diwan-e-Ghalib: ‘From where did the flower and the fauna come, what is water, cloud (abr) and what is air ,’ happens magically and effortlessly, affirming that artistic imagination remains unbound by the scientific or the logical. Hence the question: ‘What is?’

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