Quranic Calligraphy Show at Ejaz Gallery

Exhibition of Calligraphy Paintings



Shahid Rana, Ajab Khan, M.A. Bukhari,
Jamshed Qaiser, Arif Khan, Ahmed Khan,
Zulfiqar Ali, Shakil Ismail, Asghar Ali,
Ibrahim Ramay,

The Exhibition will be inaugurated by
Prof. Saeed Akhtar

Monday, July 23rd 2013 at 6:00pm

A group exhibition of calligraphy paintings, titled “Qaut” was inaugurated on Tuesday at the Ejaz Art Gallery. The show featured ten of Pakistan’s well-known artists from Lahore and Karachi.

The paintings showed various verses from the holy Quran and names of Allah in beautiful splashes of colour and geometric patterns, done in various types of calligraphic styles.

Ahmad Khan, one of the oldest names in calligraphy in Pakistan had the most expensive paintings. He uses chemically treated silver paper on canvas.

Asghar Ali, who has worked at the Masjid-e-Nabwi, Madina for seven years as an artist had elaborate paintings with gold and silver leaves on canvas. Hence, his work, he said is about “depicting the glory of Medina”.

Another artist, Ajab Khan, talking about his work said, “My work draws inspiration from the way Quranic recitation is done. As you recite verses from the Quran, a kind of a cyclical rhythm is formed. And the cursive style I use in my calligraphy is basically a depiction of this circle that represents the infinity of the universe.” What makes Ajab Khan’s work stand out his amalgamation of cubism with geometry to create texture in his paintings.

The exhibition also had wall hangings on display, done by Shakil Ismail. Ismail had used a combination of stones, wires and glass to create calligraphic inscriptions.

The exhibition was inaugurated by one of Pakistan’s most renowned artists, Professor Saeed Akhtar. Other artists whose work was on display included Shahid Rana, Jamshed Qaiser, Zulfiqar Ali, Arif Khan, M.A. Bukhari and Ibrahim Ramay. Ejaz Art Gallery holds “Qaut” every year during the month of Ramazan, where calligraphic paintings are put on display. Zahid Saeed, the gallery manager said, “Although these paintings are for sale, the gallery usually buys some of them for its permanent display”. The paintings ranged from Rs35,000 to Rs800,000.

The exhibition will continue till July 31.


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