Quranic Calligraphy Exhibition by Ahmed Anver

Quranic Calligraphy Exhibition


Ahmed Anver

on Tuesday, 17 January, 2012, at 5:30 pm

the Exhibition will countinue till 24 January, 2012

Daily 11:00 am to 7:00 pm

H. E. The Consul General of Turkey

Murat M. Onart

Has kindly consented to be the

Guest of Honor

Citi Art Gallery

M-19,20, Sahil Promenade Apartments, Block-3, Clifton,

Karachi, Pakistan.

Ph: 35822755

Ahmed Anver honours his double AA initial with a triple “A” quality in his artistic presentations which have a remarkable range of versatile, constantly enhanced by highly developed drawing skill and painterly prowess.

Calligraphy by Ahmed Anver

His defining differences poignantly distinguish his attractive renditions from other practitioners of calligraphy, mainlyArabic.
Ahmed has boldly chosen to demonstrate his masterly command over calligraphy by opting to present his prettily colorful painting both Kufi and Nastaliq, thus providing viewing joy to the deserving art lovers.
In his present solo show, Islamic symbols, mainly drawn from Mosque offer brilliant juxtaposition of the refined Kufi calligraphy in a plethora of designs that take enchanting aura in qualities that only a colourist of the stature of Ahmed Anver can bring to his works.
Circular domes, vertical minarets and horizontal bases are colored in pleasant lines in pictures with Kufi forms in contrasting ranges of colours such combinations are composed sensibly to give a decorative discipline in each rendition.
Neatness of Nastaliq characters emerges in matching perfection of Kufi forms in equally presentable compositions.
Ahmed has played cleverly with geometrical innovations in packing the Kufi forms in colourful cubes He imposes these imposing cubes onto well designed colour composition suffused with Islamic symbols
Several of such compositions (in sizes 24.5×36.5) brighten the show beautifully, besides speaking eloquently for the painterly ways that he opts to
employ in all of his unique pictures.
Having honed his skill and polished his grasp of artistic understanding in the last thirty years of practice, Ahmed Anver has established himself as a good artist who is destined to rule in his own creative style in the field of calligraphy.
Ahmed Anvers calligraphy shows have taken place in Dubia and Iran, He is presently Pakistan Member of Consulting committee of FITMA Taiwan
He has been sending the paintings presentations of Pakistani artists for the last 15 years to Taiwan Biennial.
Muhammad Jami

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