PPP-backed candidates win Larkana Arts Council polls

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All but one pro-PPP panel candidates emerged victorious in the annual election of Arts Council of Pakistan, Larkana, for 2015-16 held here on Sunday.

The PPP-backed panel suffered a setback when its candidate for the slot of secretary Panjal Khan Sangi was defeated by Javed Ahmed Shaikh.

Panjal Sangi, who was treasurer in the former body, could get only 152 votes while the winner, Javed Shaikh, secured 203 votes.

Abdul Sattar Khuhawar got 194 votes to defeat Nisar Mustafa Shaikh, who obtained 165 votes, for the seat of vice president. Munwar Ali Rind won the seat of treasurer with 180 votes while his opponent Ghulam Akbar Baloch got 176 votes.

However all 10 seats for various sections — press and publicity, literature, performing art, music, fine arts, culture, publication, library, archives and social welfare — were clinched by the PPP-backed candidates.

Two panels namely Peoples Panel and Shaheed Rani fielded their candidates for all seats.

Total number of eligible voters was 403 whereas 370 voters used their right to vote in the election, sources said.
(Source, Dawn.com)

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