Paintings, Sculptures Show at Arts Council Karachi

An exhibition of paintings and sculptures by artists from Sindh was inaugurated at the Arts Council Karachi’s Ahmed Pervez Gallery on Thursday.

The show has a large variety of artworks depicting a wide range of subjects. If on the one hand abstraction can be traced in a few exhibits, on the other hand some are done in realism that is pleasing to the eye. Also, the beautiful landscape (and people) of the province of Sindh portrayed through light touches of watercolours add a distinct flavor to the show.Established artists such as Nahid Raza, Qudsia Nisar, Mohsin Jaffery and Akram Spaul’s works are good to view, but it is the lesser known painters and sculptors which pleasantly surprise the viewer with their neat technique and sincerity of thought. For example, Ayesha Ahmed’s oil-on-canvas painting is a special piece: the faces on the wall of an arched opening are a haunting image.

Husna Naz impresses with her watercolour work, as does Fasihuddin Qureshi with his acrylic-on-canvas exhibit. Vijesh draws a tranquil lake flanked by trees, a sight that is often associated with rural Sindh. Mohammad Ali Bhatti too paints the region with a different angle.

Rahi’s oil-on-canvas painting reminds the viewer of old masters’ works; the artist is loaded with talent. M. Dossa’s pen-work is unique in the sense that it lends the exhibition the kind of diversity which is essential for group shows.

The exhibition will continue till Oct 25.

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