stages comedy play Shadi Ho To Aisi on drama festival at Pakistan National Council of the Arts

PNCA stages comedy play Shadi Ho To Aisi

ISLAMABAD: ‘Shadi Ho To Aisi’, a comedy play based on a social issue of marriage and superstition was staged here late Wednesday under ongoing drama festival at Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA).

Syed Saleem Afandi has written and directed the play, which Stage Artist Welfare Society, Rawalpindi presented.

The story revolved around the character of a superstitious rich man who wants to marry his son according to the advice of a fortuneteller.

While his son goes against the superstitious ideologies, the story takes a twist and situation goes against the son.

All the events and situation strengthen the belief of superstitious people which gives a message that how social evils are promoted in the society.

The end part of the play portrays the failure of superstitious thoughts against the power of positive thinking in a humorous and sarcastic way.

PNCA Director General Tauqeer Nasir said that trend of quality and thoughtful theatre played an important role in highlighting and resolving the issues of the society. “The history of theatre is connected with the history of human society and also leads towards revolutions in shaping the society”, he added.

The festival would stage the talent of various theatre groups until December 29 with diverse ideas to entertain the fun lovers of federal capital while all the plays have some story and a message that combine strong expressions with techniques of acting, dialogue delivery and script, he said.

Besides giving quality entertainment, the event would also promote healthy activities among the youngsters and revive the concept of theatre in the twin cities with theme of promoting peace, love and harmony, he said. app

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