Music Painting in Cubism by Nazar Haidri

Music Painting in Cubism by Nazar HaidriAlliance Francaise De Karachi has arranged a solo painting exhibition ‘Music Painting in Cubism’ by Nazar Haidri, here at gallery of Alliance Francasise. On the occasion, 32 paintings of artist are on display.

The exhibition at Alliance Francaise mostly focuses on music instruments and people who are connected to music. In his paintings, he shows different musicians on different music instruments.

Haidri is a prominent painter of Pakistan who hails from Karachi, is one the first students of art classes initiated by Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi way back in 1961.

Famous personalities like Hameedur Rehman, Ajmal Hussain, Azer Zubi, Nasir Shamsi and visiting artists like Zainul Abedin, Nagi, Shakir Ali and maestro Sadequain were among his first art teachers. Nazar Haidri started his career as a commercial artist in 1961 with different Advertising Agencies.

One of his paintings ‘Dancer’ was about the lady, wearing ‘Gharara’, a famous outfit of sub-continent. Her dress was of light and dark purple colour. She also wore henna in hands while ‘ghungroo’ in her feet.

Haidri basically painted the dance step of the dancer particularly of sub-continent origin. He gave the sophisticated touch to painting while he did not paint face features in the painting perhaps to hide identity.

‘Violin Players’ was about the three persons playing violin while standing in a line. The artist gave colourful background to the painting as he used different colours such as pink, light green, yellow and purple. With colourful backgrounds artist might have tried to capture what we often witness at restaurants and others places.

Similarly, ‘Shahnai’ was about a man who is playing Shahnai, perhaps in any weeding ceremony. The background of the painting wore similarity with a colourful weeding tent.

‘Vesrav’ was about the man, playing ‘Sitar’. The artist with his brush succeeded to give full concentration of emotions in the art piece. The man, who was playing sitar, was in white dress while the background of the painting was light brown.

‘Dhammal’ was about a group of women, who might be dancing on the rhythm of drums. Ladies are wearing dresses of different colours, like green, red, blue and yellow. The attire of women was also suiting the captured scene.

‘Violen in Mosaic’ was about the lady, wearing ‘Saree’ of blended colours. She seemed to be dancing on music tunes. Other paintings were about, whirling dervishes, piano flute, guitar, tabla and tanpura.

The artist in his statement said, “Music is all the air all around us being the universal language for expressing feelings, sensation and moods.”

One can talk universally through musical instruments, which have their own personality, their own language and distinct spiritual effect, said Haidri. “An effort has been made with paint and brush to capture their different moods on canvas to create visual music,” he added.

The exhibition will continue till July 1.


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