Maryam’s work reminds viewers of Ghulam Rasul rich palette

A daughter paid tribute to her father, an eminent impressionist painter, by exhibiting her mastery over the art of painting landscapes and capturing ethnic beauty, at a solo show that opened here on Friday.

Vibrant colours and a simple expression are Maryam Rasul’s signature style in the oil-on-canvas paintings at Jharoka Art Gallery.

Her exhibition is a tribute to her late father, the Pride of Performance Award for Art winning Ghulam Rasul.

With an MA in Fine Arts with distinction from the University of Punjab, Maryum has displayed her work in numerous group and solo shows.

Her current collection consists not just of famous landscapes in Punjab but also people, especially rural women going about their daily chores such as fetching water from the stream or village men sitting together under the shade of a tree.

Less is more in her collection as she portrays the simplicity of rural life with simple straight lines and colours, inspired by the mundane.

Her command over still life, landscapes and figurative compositions is clearly visible in the paintings.

“I love the meticulous detail in even the simplest scenes in her work,” said Nadya, a young art student at the exhibition.

Maryam, currently residing in Islamabad, paints at her father’s studio and aims to follow in his footsteps. “I have learnt so much from my father, especially the passion to paint,” said Maryam as she gestured towards the paintings.

The exhibition is open till June 18.


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