Made in America at Chabot Fine Art Gallery

Made in America
A collection of works with a strong patriotic genre in appreciation of the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.
The artists have expressed their love of country in their subject matter with bold palettes, styles and sculpural designs.

Dennis Smith Senior Project Executive | Special Projects Group from the Phoenix Gilbane office, and his wife, Kelli Berry, of Kelli Berry Studio and Iconic Design Studio will be visiting Providence on the 21st of June at 5-9 pm for the “Made in America” Exhibit ( June 19-August 11) at Chabot Fine Art Gallery, where Ms. Berry is the featured artist. Please join Dennis and Kelli and the lovely folks at the Chabot Fine Art Gallery, Chris and Lee, for an evening of Patriotic Art, a Celebration of the American Spirit and an opportunity to honor our military. We look forward to meeting our northern Gilbane family.

Kelli Berry’s recent discovery of the New York Times from 9/12/2001 and a tattered American flag, let to the creation of  “Still Together”. The work is a unique interpretation of our flag, that embodies the American and human value of freedom that invokes the “spirit of the courage, love of country and gratitude for the freedoms and rights we enjoy as Americans. Berry dedicated “Still Together” in honor of Sgt. Keith Matt Maupin, the first soldier captured in Iraq whose body was found a few years ago.

Brian Hibbard’s bold colorful horses are a reminder of the important role the horse played in our American history while his unique landscapes capture the essence of the natural beauty found throughout our American soil. “There is a close relationship between how I work and the way I live,” Hibbard says. “My worldview is grounded in reality, guiding principles and what I believe to be true. There is a necessary balance between what is real and our freedom to create and interpret and explore within this reality

Sculptor Ken MacDonald designs and creates sculptures with found objects that are so inspiring they have to be seen to understand how discarded materials can be formed into unique and exciting sculpture. Some pieces include tools, reminiscent of the working values Americans hold most dear. MacDonald’s sculptures in the collection represent the thirteen colonies and culminate with an explosion of fireworks in a joyous celebration.

Lee Chabot’s work is influenced by the variety of sailing vessels that sail the seas or are in shipyards for storage or repair. Rhode Island offers spectacular racing off Newport’s coast or on Narragansett Bay, which allows plenty of inspiration for Chabot’s works.  Working in a bold palette stretching the bounds of linear perspective Chabot captures the viewer and guides them throughout the work while providing multiple perspectives and point of view.

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