Lok Virsa Produces a set of Cultural Documentaries

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The National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage, Lok Virsa has produced a set of cultural documentaries and over 500 audio cassette of nation’s cultural heritage.

Lok Virsa is one of the largest publishers of the traditional music and culture. Audio and video cassettes, CDs, VCDs and DVDs produced by Lok Virsa are available in the market, an official of Lok Virsa told APP here on Monday.

He said that a professional video studio has been established by the centre at Islamabad, adding that the equipped mobile units of the centre can reach any part of the country to capture an event.

He said that Lok Virsa works towards creating an awareness of cultural legacy by collecting, documenting, disseminating and projecting folk and traditional heritage.

“Surveys and documentation of traditional culture is central to the objectives of the institute,” he added.

The audio video Archives continues to collect and preserve folk tales, legends, songs, adding to the collection of recorded tapes stored in a library with public access. During the year, the digitalization of the archives was started to transfer the recordings from analogue to digital format for longer life.

He said the Lok Virsa sound archive contains the single largest collection of recorded songs, ballads, epics and interviews pertaining to Pakistani culture.

The Institute’s Audio-visual section produces video film of customs, traditions and folk performances for video Archive.
(Source, thenews.com.pk)

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