Koel hosts Alia Bilgrami’s show

Koel hosts Alia Bilgrami’s show

Out of the Forest

It would be an understatement to say that Alia Bilgrami is a talented artist. She knows very well what artistic pursuits can achieve in terms of pointing out things that society tends to conveniently overlook. To boot, her artworks never fall short of the visual appeal that’s extremely important for any artistic endeavour.

Out of the Forest by Alia Bilgrami

Her show is titled Out of the forest. The forest here is not used as a symbol of myths and fanciful stories, though it might appear so. Rather, it exists as a worthy tribute to nature. A tribute, however, is not always an attempt to highlight mirth and joy. Bilgrami wants to draw the attention of the viewer towards nature and some feminine characters (and characteristics) that she admires and wants others to admire. In that regard, memory plays an important part in her artworks. Hence two remarkable pieces in the form of ‘Memories adrift’ and ‘Memories afloat’ (mixed media on Canson). The memories contain nature — greenness, architecture, etc — in quite a few of its manifestations. What the artist does to denote the struggle with memory is that makes swishy strokes around the buildings, suggesting a kind of haziness, a fog that has shrouded it all. Good job!

Both shows will continue till Nov 27.
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