Jimmy Engineer Solo Art Ahow at Singapore

Jimmy EngineerPROMINENT Pakistani artist of international repute Jimmy Engineer is continuing his goodwill mission to promote soft and positive image of Pakistan before the comity of nations through his art.


For this purpose, he is holding more and more exhibitions of his selected art work in Singapore, Dubai, Indonesia and other countries around the globe in the coming weeks.


Talking to journalists telephonically from Karachi, Jimmy Engineer emphatically said that promotion of soft and positive image of Pakistan internationally is the dire need of the hour in the prevailing circumstances.


Accordingly, he said, that he is displaying his paintings in the group art show in Indonesia being organised in Jakarta from February 14 under the auspices of the Pakistani Embassy there through Ambassador Sanaullah. He said he will be visiting Indonesia for a couple of days while the group art show is in progress there.


Jimmy said that more importantly his solo art show is being held at the Art Front Gallery of the Singapore Management University from February 28. The exhibition, being organised by the prestigious university of Singapore in the private sector in collaboration with Pakistan High Commission, is scheduled to continue till March 5. He said that he will be leaving for Singapore on February 20 for this purpose.


Responding to questions, Jimmy Engineer said that on display in the exhibition, which is appropriately titled as “ A Colourful Journey of Pakistan”, in the Art Front Gallery of the Singapore Management University will be about canvass prints of his 50 selected paintings including his famous Pakistan Movement series and architectural compositions highlighting historical and architectural culture of Pakistan, India and other countries.


Jimmy said that programme of his solo art show also in Dubai is being finalised these days and it will be announced in due course of time.


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