International Watercolor Festival 2012

Dear Artists and Art Lovers,
It is our pleasure to invite you to the International Watercolor Festival in Seferihisar, Izmir, Turkey.
Cittaslow Seferihisar is the place that was once the first home town of the artists.
The main theme of the Festival is PEACE THROUGH ART.
We would be honored by your presence.
Best regards,
Organizing Committee
IWS-International Watercolor Society Municipality of Seferihisar
Festival Dates: June 2-3, 2012 Location: Seferihisar Castle

The Festival Program

June 2, 2012, Saturday
10.00 Placement of Art Works in the Exhibition Area
11.00 Live Performances (Plein Air Performances) begin and continue throughout the day (Accompanied by live music and dance shows)
13.00-15.00 Panel in Turkish (Topics: – Projects and ideas for making Seferihisar as a center for the world watercolor artists, International Watercolor Museum and Watercolor School in Seferihisar. — Ways and means of being internationally known for the watercolor artists from Turkey)
17.0049.00 On Sight Painting Near Fishing Boats (The common theme will be fishing boats. Artists will show their own techniques and exchange their views and ideas with each other and art lovers)
19.00-20.00 Presentation and Slide Show in the Castle Area
20.00 Giving Start to the Eternal Art Fire in TEOS and carrying it to SIGACIK Ceremony Ground and the Castle Towers by the artists
21.00 IWS Award Ceremony (Speeches and Presentation of Certificates, Plates and Prizes)
22.15 Live Music and Folklore Shows around several Shepherd’s Fires (Guitar Recitals and Folkloric Dances) June 3, 2012, Sunday Hours
10.0043.00 On Sight Painting in the Castle (The common theme will be the daily Life in Cittaslow. Artists will show their own techniques and exchange their views and ideas with each other and art lovers)
13,0044.00 Panel with the International Artists Participating in the Festival (Topics: – The role and importance of watercolor painting within the art of painting. – Projects and activities that could be realized by watercolor artists through forming International Organizations and Associations.
14.00-111,00 Live Performances (Plein Air Preformances) accompanied by live music
18:00 Closing Conversations (Tea and Coffee Chat) Please kindly contact to Ms. Muzaffer Duzdemir (Duezdemir) for Lodging Information.

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