I would like to paint the way a bird flies

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An exhibition of paintings by Momina Momina opens at Shanaakht at Nomad Art Gallery today (Wednesday).

Momina’s current work portrays her interest in bird paintings. “To me, birds are like beautiful women; their beauty grabs one’s attention. Their visual appearance and their own characteristic beauty is a combination of the real and the abstract. They are images and symbols; they are signs embedded in a multi-cultural colour language,” Momina says in a written statement.

Born with disability (deafness and speech problems), Momina grew up in a conservative but educated Pakistani family. “Art was part of my life since I was born. It proved to be my mother tongue as I grew up. In spite of my disability, I was educated in the mainstream educational system in Pakistan. In 2010, I travelled to the UK and did my master’s degree in fine arts from the Northumbria University,” the artist mentions in the statement.

The time that Momina stayed at Northumbria University was very crucial to her; it broadened her horizons to become a qualified professional artist. “My practice has taken me to develop my interest in ‘Colour Field Composition,’ crossing traditional cultural boundaries and ‘Asemic Art,” she states.

Momina’s aim is to develop her portrayal of birds using vibrant colours, “accentuating the images with wonderment.” The exhibition will continue till March 19.

(Source, Thenews.com.pk)

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