Group exhibition pathway to dialogue between viewers and artists

Collective work represents novel ideas, vision of post-modern Pakistan
Creativity, innovative, and incorporated and stunning artworks were the hallmark of the group exhibition presented by the young graduates of National College of Arts’ Rawalpindi Campus, who showcased them at the National Art Gallery (NAG), under the auspicious of Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) on Thursday.

The exhibition, titled “Pastiche”, was inaugurated by PNCA’s Director General Tauqir Nasir, amid the presence of a number of art lovers and students. While strolling inside the art galleries, the PNCA chief spoke highly about the creative artworks of the youngsters, who “pondered, explored and documented the interactive art.”

Appreciating the diversity of the artists, Nasir said: “These youngsters have the ability to sustain their originality, dynamism and direction to encounter the challenges of the future in this particular field. This exhibition, aptly titled “Pastiche”, aims to enter a dialogue between the viewer and the artists that will help pave the way for setting up future dimension in the sphere of visual arts,” the DG said.

The 11 fresh graduates, including Sundas Rana, Narjis Mirza, Faten Suleman, Nazir Ahmed, Rabia Ayub, Amna Saeed, Sumaiyah Arshad, Tazeem Anwar, Maimoona Riaz, Afshan Yousuf, and Sundus Tariq, presented their collective work, representing novel ideas and vision of the post-modern Pakistan through their 55 art pieces.

“Pastiche” is a work of art using material from similar works, a work of literature, music, at, or cinema that makes use of material from other similar works, especially in order to laugh in a gentle way at those other works. IT also encourages creating a dialogue between the audience and the artist. The exhibition will continue till July 2.

(Daily Times)

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