Farhan Manto – Inside The Beautiful Mind

Inside The Beautiful Mind

Solo Exhibition


Farhan Manto

on Wednesday 13 September 2017 at 6:00 pm
the Exhibition will continue till 20 September 2017
Daily 11:00 am to 7:00 pm

Shop # 2, Plot # 7C, Street 31
Tauheed Commercial, Phase-5, D.H.A.
Karachi – Pakistan.

Artist’s Profile

While Manto hails from the British India, in 1947, his family migrated to Lahore, the cultural capital of Pakistan.
Although a trained professional of statistics, his life was an anomaly relative to his peers as he was brought up in a household with predominant values of his grandfather, Saadat Hassan Manto, the popular author of Urdu literature best sellers. A man of compassion and substance, the former held an open environment in the household and illustrated immense affection towards his ménage; wife and children.
He was lucky to grow up under the shadow of a family that contemplated and analyzed that as much as life is a science it is celebrated through various forms of art.
As a child he grew up reading the famous best sellers of his grandfather that scrutinized and evaluated the value of an individual’s core self-concept, it’s linkages to not just the intrinsic but extrinsic forces that can fabricate or forge the literal substance of a person and his theory of mind.
He enjoyed mathematics and statistics but the canvas opened unprecedented doors for me to express myself.
Polo is a sport that he found exhilarating, not just for the flight but also for the sight and for the inexplicable relationship between a man and one of the finest creatures of hierarchy, command and social agility.
The horse became his muse and ironically made him realize his internal similarities with what he was subliminally expressing.
Transitioning into the second stage of his career, he allowed his subconscious to take over the play of lines, textures, patterns, composition and process to present ideas and evoke emotions in a poetic, nonlinear fashion.
Manto sketches to express and the compassion reflects.


Theme: Inside The Beautiful Mind

I have always been intrigued by signs of life, anything that breathes, anyone who expresses. Be it animals, humans or plants, their movement, gestures and energies in their most raw form exhilerate me.
Combinations and permutations fascinate me. From the cliche strokes of brushes to dripping paint from a 180 degree angle with a piece of wood is how I create my art. Through splashes, dripping and smudging I transcend my nafs and feelings onto the canvas.

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