exhibition will showcase unique art by Tariq and Natalia Kakar, at the Louvre Gallery

`Artistic couple` astounds art lovers
ISLAMABAD, Jan 14: The potency behind her paintings is not entirely in her skilled technique and richly lined palette but in that there is an emotional response and familiarity with the work especially her landscapes that overwhelm those who see them.

Featuring landscapes, portraits and still lives in her new exhibition, Natalia Kakar`s paintings completely embraced energetic colours and all aspects of contemporary fine art.

This exhibition called `The Way` that opened at the Gallery Louvre was a unique combination of Ukrainian painter NataliaKakar who returned to the local art scene with her husband and sculptor Tariq Kakar af ter nearly five years.

The couple was welcomed by friends and visitors on the opening day of the exhibition. In her works Natalia Kakar had produced dramatic tonal and textural contrasts.Visitors admired her balanced work.

`The European art education is prominent in lines that are balanced, a quality missing in works of local painters,` explained the curator of the exhibition Syeda Alina Saeed.

The artist had preserved a 400-year-old fort in the Shigar Valley Skardu and the an-cient ruins of Katas Raj near Chakwal in her landscapes.

Her portraits included impressions of dancing women and the still lives were mostly flowers and vases.

Natalia Kakar had to paint from pictures she photographed. `It is impossible for a woman to sit outside with her canvas in front of her. People gather around in amazement,` the painter said explaining her apprehensions of painting on the spot. `Although I prefer to get out there but that is not possible in Pakistan,` she regretted.Visitors found Tariq Kakar`s sculptures unique, more adventurous because of the abstract element. Most were inspired from a woman`s figure. `I thought of making something abstract, which is my second subject.

People are hesitant to put statutes of realistic work in their houses and prefer something with hidden meanings,` said the sculptor explaining his reason to deviatefrom the realistic form of sculpting.

He lamented that the realistic art of sculpting was losing its charm and attraction with most artists because of the technicalities and laws governing the art.

Nonetheless, Tariq Kakar could not resist but sculpt his favourite subject horses.

The exhibition features his new works in metal, wood and fiber. The exhibition will continue till January 26. Dawn


Unique collaborative art show opens today
ISLAMABADThe Way, a unique art show by Tariq and Natalia Kakar, will be held at the Louvre Gallery today (Saturday).
The exhibition will showcase sculptures of abstract and realistic figures by Tariq in different mediums, while Natalia will display her abstract landscape paintings.
With more than fifteen exhibitions and numerous works to his credit, Tariq is an experienced sculptor. To date his sculptures have been known for their realism, however, the exhibition will showcase his abstract works for the first time.
Tariq attempts to explore the philosophical subject of the `eternal source of life’ that materialises in his model of a fountain. His portrayal of people highlights vividly pronounced features of behaviour and peculiarities of their typical dress.
Natalia’s palate knife paintings are a perfect complement to Tariq’s sculptures. Her art carries vivid colours of abstract landscapes, which are dominated by the seasons and depicted with colours, while the flowers and vases show her western origin.

The exhibition will continue until January 26. app

Louvre Islamabad welcomes you to their first group exhibition of A.S.Rind,M.Hussain and Natalia Kakar Faiz Ahmed Faiz Poetry by A.S. Rind: A.S. Rind who has been painting for over two decades have developed a name for himself with his unique art, in which he has dabbled in abstract art, impressionism and cubism, while he is also well-known for employing Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poetry in his works. The artist mostly plays with the colors which inspired him throughout his childhood in the desert area near Rahim Yar Khan. Sundar Chehra by M.Hussain: Unlike A.S.Rind whose has exhibited his works at art galleries all across Pakistan and at internationsl level, M.Hussain is new in the field .Louvre Islamabad is hosting his first exhibition ,however the experience of Hussain’s work is indeed unforgettable. Up close abstract and at distance figurative work is developed by acrylic bubble technique on canvas. His work is an experience which can be shared only. Myths and Beauty by Natalia Kakar: Mostly known for her paintings the Ukrainian origin artist unleashes her fantasies in her sketches of pen and pencil on paper. Her fantasy goddess wears different faces, from Greek myths to eastern bride but her European art school education reveals itself in every line. According to the artist “Goddess myths have inhabited the human imagination and spirit for thousands of years , representing the eternally feminine qualities that pattern women’s lives. Each of the goddess myths is different just as each goddess is unique — motivated by different values and priorities. Each has goddess-given characteristics, both positive and potentially problematic ones.what I do is draw them on paper” ? Gallery Louvre Islamabad is hosting the first group show of A.S.Rind,M.Hussain and Natalia Kakar This is the thirty sixth group show appearance of A.S.Rind ,encouraging the first appearances of M.Hussain’s “Sundar Chehra” and “Myths and Beauty” sketches of Natalia Kakar Date: Wednesday 2nd November ,2011 Time: Opening reception 4:30 p.m. The exhibition will continue till November 14th ,2011. Gallery timings: 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Sundays by appointment

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