exhibition showcasing works by renowned artist Danish Azar Zuby at VM Art Gallery

Making strong statements about hypocrisy in society
KARACHI – An exhibition showcasing a selection of works by renowned artist Danish Azar Zuby is running at the VM Art Gallery until the yearend. ‘A Quest for Art and Design’ is a retrospect of the artist’s work on canvas and wood, as well as interior design, portraiture, photography, calligraphy, product design, graphic design, sketches, renderings and architectural renovation. Zuby, an accomplished interior designer, has made strong statements about the injustice and hypocrisy prevalent in the society through his paintings titled ‘Roti, Kapra aur Makan’, ‘Naak Katwa Di’, and ‘Jhoot ke Bulbulay’.
As Picasso once said, “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary,” Zuby has shown through his canvas the state of the country in particular and the world in general.
Some of the illustrations in the exhibition date back to 1986 and 1997, but they present the true picture of today’s Karachi and the happenings around the globe. The compilation of cartoons he did for various publications, like ‘New Economic Order’, ‘Imagine When Everybody Has a Gun’ and ‘The Haves and Havenots’, stand true even now when the world is preparing to enter a new year. The talented artist whose experience expands more than four decades in the field of arts, amazes his audience equally with the collection of his photographs of scenes from Karachi of the 80s, weathering technology, nature and architecture of historical buildings.
One can witness Zuby’s venturing into almost all mediums of arts through the exhibition as his designed furniture and product design have also been showcased.
His designed pieces on display at the gallery include trolleys, uplighters, coffee tables and side tables.
Senior architect and interior designer Ejaz Malik aptly said, “Danish has been touching all the fields of arts and design, as if it comes quite naturally to him.”
The proof of Malik’s words are Zuby’s pieces of art that inspire not only art lovers but everyone to broaden their horizon.
Zuby’s concept sketches of the Indus Valley School Gallery, Schon Group’s corporate head office and interesting urban designs, like the concept for traffic circle, are on display as well. (Pakistan Today)

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