Exhibition Reminiscence of a Journey at Nomad Gallery

A new display at the Nomad Art Gallery forces visitors to look twice at a painting.

Especially, the black and white intricate and stylised impressions, which have the power to attract.

As many as 30 paintings hung side-by-side, reflecting the artist’s creative prowess.

The exhibition titled Reminiscence of a Journey emphasised the passage from human duality to human oneness. A journey of self-discovery, as one visitor looked at it.

“We usually look for creative inspiration externally, not understanding that the mystical journey of self-discovery actually begins inside oneself. That is the beauty of it,” said the Islamabad based painter, Humera Ejaz.

Interacting with visitors, Humera explained to visitors that for artists, it was imperative to “dive inside, from the outside,” and only then — after immersing into the creative ocean within — could one swim to the edges, to express true creativity.

Without setting oneself on this highly elusive and mystifying course, an artist cannot move beyond imitating and mimicking.

All the elements visible in Humera’s works were inherently symbolic, from fish to the various phases of the moon. There was also the representation of the sacred feminine.

“I feel that people deserve to see my work because as an artist I create ‘a higher vibration of being’, then I relay this vibration to my audience through my work, so they may feel the same higher sense of being too, that is why I want people to see and know where my work comes from. The most adventurous journeys are those that take us within ourselves,” Humera said.

The black and white impressions particularly intrigued viewers, when the artist told them how the drawings were finished without lifting the nib or brush from the page and done in a single sitting. One piece taking nearly two hours.

Starting from a single line and then going on to form various shapes: dragon flies, women and flowers, using attractive stylised impressions.

The coloured images almost give the affects of collage like images with peacocks and halos, depicting the artist’s quest for a better understanding of life.

The display will run till November 8.

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