Exhibition of Sadequain’s Artworks

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An exhibition of Sadequain’s artworks will open at a local hotel on Wednesday (29 April 2015).

The art show, A Tribute to Sadequain, will be held under the patronage of Sadruddin Hashwani in coordination with the SADEQUAIN Foundation USA.

It was announced in a press conference addressed by the founder of SADEQUAIN Foundation USA, Dr Salman Ahmed, and general manager of the hotel, Haseeb Amjad Gardezi, here on Tuesday.

Addressing the conference, Mr Ahmed, also the nephew of Sadequain, lamented that Pakistan lagged behind the world in the field of painting restoration, saying the Lahore Museum had 18 paintings of Sadequain but they were not taken care of well. He said many of Sadequain’s artworks had been misplaced. He said Sadequain was among only a handful of Pakistanis whose name and work would go beyond centuries.

Haseeb Amjad Gardezi, giving details of the exhibition, said the two-day exhibition would open only for the invitees on the first day while public viewing of the exhibition would take place on April 30. He said on Wednesday (today) a seminar featuring renowned artists, art teachers and other personalities related to fine arts would be held at the hotel. The seminar in which artists would speak on Sadequain would be moderated by Shahnawaz Zaidi, former principal College of Art and Design, Punjab University, while National College of Arts Principal Murtaza Jafri would also grace the occasion.

Mr Gardezi said the event was aimed at acknowledging the contribution of Sadequain. About 80 artworks on display in the exhibition are from the personal collection of Sadruddin Hashwani.
(Source, dawn.com)

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