Exhibition of rare pottery items put by Sheherezade Alam

Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) here Tuesday displayed rare collection of exquisite pottery items by Sheherezade Alam with depiction of artistic skills that bring unique style in crafts.
The National Art Gallery of PNCA, in collaboration with Ministry of National Heritage and Integration, opened the show with the title ‘I am a vessel, I am the vessel maker, I am the clay of the vessel.’ As many as 150 art pieces have been exhibited featuring various styles of clay pots with glazed outlook in vibrant colours and curvy shapes of the structure.
Sheherezade Alam made Pakistan’s first female studio potter in early 1970’s and established LAAL whose mission is to bring cultural and heritage education to young children. Sheherezade’s art depicts her involvement with hand-crafted clay objects as a long and fascinating saga which serves as a role model for ceramists in Pakistan today. She went on to explore excavated sites such as Mehergar, Moenjodaro and Harruppa, studying the line and profile of the ancient pieces before setting up her own studio in Lahore.

(Pakistan Today)

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