Exhibition of light sculptures kicks off by Amna Ilyas

An art exhibition titled ‘Immediacy’ by artist Amna Ilyas was held at the Rohtas 2 art gallery on Tuesday.

The exhibition was unique in that the artist had installed two hollow life-sized black and white cubes in the gallery. The black cube was dark from inside with an entrance door, whereas the white was translucent and was filled with fog.

Talking about the concept behind the black cube, Amna said, “Darkness sometimes gives access to unknown worlds as it opens up our lives to manifold possibilities that console us in our times of grief and when we feel bounded and restricted.”

The installations revolve around the concept that there were absolutely no boundaries of human beings’ thoughts and feelings, whether in dark or light.

Amna had been working with the idea of reflections and illusions by using light as her medium for quite some time now.

Art lovers attending the event were amused by the unique pieces of art on display, and all of them took turns to go inside the cubes and experience the different settings and artist’s creativity reflected through her art.
(Daily Times)

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