Exhibition Local Artisans at RAC Art Gallery

The craft inventors exhibition arranged by Rawalpindi Arts Council (RAC) kicked off at its art gallery here on Tuesday.

Local artisans, Batool Qureshi, Qasim Ali Qureshi and Zubaria Qureshi exhibited their ceramics, pottery decoration, jute work, tie & dye and drawing work collectively.

MNA Seema Jillani inaugurated the exhibition. It was their maiden exhibition in which as many as 140 art pieces had been put on display. A large number of art lovers and students of various art institutions visited the venue to see the rare and unique works.

The artisans had worked on various ideas through their works which were rich in terms of creativity and novelty. The exhibition housing as many as 10 paintings from collage met with a loud applause by the art lovers.

In marked contrast, Qasim Ali’s work is particular and pointed, drawing on specific memories and experience to explore the rituals of domestic life.

Zubaria Qureshi’s unique glazing techniques and her creative passion, coupled with a strong oriental flavor, made her work
unparalleled. It is fascinating how her modern art work enlivens the vernacular tradition without staying traditional.

The material foundation of this aesthetics is to transform the traditional forms of ceramics into an artistic agent of entirely new significance, making it an innovative modern art.

Lawmaker Seema Jilani on the occasion pointed out that the exhibition was a significant document of centuries old art craft practices but the vexed question was that it was a living tradition in serious danger of extinction. The exhibition will remain open till May 10.


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