Exhibition Dedicated to Malala at Ocean Art Gallery

A photography exhibition dedicated to Malala Yousafzai from Swat is being held at Ocean Art Gallery here at 6pm on Tuesday.

“My exhibition is dedicated to Malala and to each and every girl in Pakistan who is deprived of the capabilities for achieving a quality of life she truly deserves,” said the artist, Nireen Shehzad Salim, in a statement released on the eve of the photography exhibition on Monday.

“Born from my extreme passion for photography, my solo photography exhibition titled ‘Voices of The Soul’

at the young age of 17 hosted by one of the leading art galleries of Pakistan is not just a feat in itself, it more importantly, symbolises my solidarity with Malala’s heroic fight for girls’ rights to education… she said. “The exhibition will show the world what a girl living in Pakistan can achieve,” she said.
The show, Voices of The Soul, will remain open till Nov 15.

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