Exhibit paintings Crusader after 84 years

Offered paintings painter Lebanese Khalil Crusader front of an audience for the first time in nearly 80 years.

The value of paintings held by an eye doctor, Samir Salibi, who was two years old at the death of painter Khalil, where he lived most of his life between these drawings bought by his father.

Now and decided to give Samir plates relative to the gallery Khalil American University of Beirut to present to the public for the first time.

Samir Crusader eyes opened to see the walls of his house which is decorated with the best of paintings bought by his father, Dr. Shaheen Crusader painter Khalil following the killing of the Crusader.

Khalil is a crusader, who died in an accident with his wife Aktnfe mystery, one of the founders of modern art in Lebanon and the pioneer of art as a student of his hands senior Lebanese artists.

Khalil and display his work in Edinburgh and Paris and the United States is known for Brsome aspects of and interest in the human body.

The best known depiction of the elite and the intellectuals and academics, however, he excelled in drawing the people of the mountainous village of traditional clothes, especially the “fez.”

Khalil was the Crusader was born in the village of Btalloun Lebanese and began drawing at an early age using the heads of sticks of sulfur and then feather ink, coal, lead, and in 1928, when he was eight and fifty years of age was killed and his wife after a dispute over water rights stemming from their own land.

As Samir said he was concerned about the fate of the group after his death, pointing out that he prefers staying as one group and not distributed to his children, according to news agency reported Reuters.

He added: “I did not know, I was two years when he died, but I know I have lived all my life with pictures because the pictures were all in the house of my father, and since I was a child I saw around me.”

For his part, the head of the American University of Beirut, Peter Dorman: “I am delighted to see the group Khalil Crusader was the first time to the public here in Beirut, this unique collection are an important part of the cultural heritage of Lebanon and the University committed itself to save it for future generations, and this is the first step of the scheme To make a long-range campus incubator for modern and contemporary art. ”

He continued: “In a rare gesture of dignity and in our Arab society gave Samir Crusader American University in Beirut more than 60 paintings to the value of a permanent exhibition in the pavilion as the” Rose and Shaheen Crusader. ”

Rico said Henry Francis, who teaches art history at American University in Beirut, “This group is very important, as is Khalil Crusader one of the pioneers of art and one of those who rely European style in Lebanon.”

It is noteworthy that the Crusader exhibition opened on the tenth of June and lasts until the end of the year at American University.

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