Works of Eight Artists and a Sculptor Currently on Display

Works of Eight Artists and a Sculptor Currently on DisplayThere’s enlivening realism, semi-abstractism and everything in between at the art exhibition that opened on Tuesday evening at the Grandeur Art Gallery.

The works of eight artists and a sculptor currently on display are highly varied. For instance, the opening painting (number 1) is a still life by Jamshed Khan.

It is refreshing realism, so different from the total abstractism that leaves everything to the imagination of the viewer, whereby the interpretation of the work could be anything depending on how fertile or jinxed his imagination is. Khan’s still life is simple yet alluring. It is a painting of a lantern lying on the table beside some cut fruits and other items of culinary use.

Though the subjects of the work are absolutely inanimate, lifeless, yet they really look so alive. Khan is a self-taught artist who captures realism through his paintings in oil, pastels, pen and ink. He creates three-dimensional illusions on flat surface.

Almost the same is the case with another artist, Nazrul Islam, who puts life, so much profundity and expression into his work through the most simple of representations.

One of his paintings shows an elderly, turbaned man sitting cross-legged on the ground, contemplating, and the expression in his eyes, it seems, has so many stories to narrate. His eyes seem to be a reservoir of emotions.

Then there are artists like Rabia Dawood and Zohaib Khan. Dawood’s work could be termed semi-abstract, for one really has to don a thinking cap and figure out what she’s trying to convey.

One of her paintings depicts a nude, reclining, faceless figure – faceless in that the face is just a single orb, no features.According to the artist, the facelessness is connotative of the fact that all of us are human and basically the same: we have the same trials, tribulations and problems.

As she puts it: “My works tend to focus on human emotions and consequences faced through different acts in life. The works are about the seen and unseen realities of life.”Almost the same is the case with Zohaib Khan. His work could be called figurative art. It is the side profile of a woman with a featureless face, just a blank.

Also on display are the sculptures by Akber Khan in steel, marble and fibre. These are moulded in such a manner that one could make anything of them, except for one: it is a nude human, but with indeterminate gender.


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