Return of the Native at Rohtas 2 Art Gallery

Return of the NativeA group exhibition titled ‘Return of the Native’ in connection with the Lahore Literature Festival kicked off at Rohtas 2 Art Gallery on Friday.

The work of Anwar Saeed, Faiza Butt, David Alesworth and Salman Toor was out on display at the exhibition.

‘Return of the Native’ in its ironical title hints at the eclectic generous and welcoming culture of Lahore.

It denotes an expansive visual art scene in which Anwar Saeed’s intimate and brooding figurative works are content to share the intimate gallery space with Faiza Butt’s waspish, witty images of blundering males.

The exhibition includes David Alesworth’s eloquent layering of gardens and cities, which are delicate reminders of multiple magical histories.

Salman Toor, the youngest artist in ‘Return of the Native’, works in the most traditional mediums likes oil on canvas, which hold up a mirror to Lahore’s comfortable cocoon, sustained by those whose names do not appear on gilded invitation cards, silver plaques and gated mansions.

Return of the Native-1

‘Return of the Native’ offered viewers a chance to ponder on what draws artists to this city. It probes the impulse of the creative spirit, which circumscribes the anguish, the bitterness and the utter tenderness that Lahore evokes.

The exhibition has brought back to Lahore a fraction of the city’s own creativity.

The show in collaboration with the Lahore Literature Festival was organised by Salima Hashmi and Asad Hayee. The visitors took keen interest in the creations of the artists. The exhibition will continue until March 2.


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