Iconographies Solo Show by Eman Haram

Eman Haram art
Eman Haram
on Monday 18 March 2013 at 6:00 pm
the Exhibition will countinue till 8 MAy 2013
Nabad Art Gallery
46 Uthman bin Affan Street,
First Circle, Jabal Amman, Jordan.

Nabad Art Gallery presents an exhibition of forty works by Montreal-based artist, Eman Haram. In “Iconographies,” her second solo exhibition at Nabad, Haram presents an excerpt of a project that attempts to reassemble a vanishing homeland outside delineated maps and contentious geographical boundaries. In this open-ended series of photographic images, which blurs the boundaries between photography and other print media, the artist explores the physical and metaphysical states deriving from this banishment. She reclaims familiar iconic symbols and narratives that are historically connected with Palestine, and layers them with added significance to reach a new vision of a denied homeland beyond the concrete, to the mythical and spiritual. The recovery of a vanishing homeland becomes an act of archaeological excavation to counter all forms of forced erasures, a return to beginnings, where all narratives converge.

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