Ecology of Colour The Summer Art Show at Nomad Gallery

The summer art show by various artists will continue to attract art lovers of twin cities till June 20 at Nomad art gallery through unique display of exquisite paintings. The show entitled “Ecology of Colour: The Song of Summer” exhibited the work of artists Ahmad Habib, Amjad Hussain, AQ Arif, Hamid Alavi, Nadeem Ahmad and Sarfaraz Musawir.

The paintings portray local architecture and the richness of our culture as a source of inspiration for the artistic endeavours of the participating artists whether through the medium of art or the written word – both presented poetically, said Nomad Director Nageen Hyat.

Each artist is enthusiastic and the paintings are filled with colour and clarity of concept, aesthetic characteristics, and creativity in use of media and rich inspiration from their surroundings. Arif paints the glories of nature and magnificence of God, with the belief that there is nothing unnatural on this earth.

Through his work, he says that everyone should appreciate the beauty and harmony given by God. According to him, beauty is not only in vibrant colours and pretty things like flowers, peacocks and angelic creatures; it lies in hands of man and his heart.

Amjad Hussain explores the history of art and known for his unique skills. “Nature is hard, coarse and stubborn for those who only see the dark aspect of life. My perception of life is positivity and that’s what i see all around me. My village is as enriched with natural beauty and peace as my heart is,” he said. Habib’s art revolves around his own orbit spread around the space and objects. “My paintings are still moments caught in between finished and unfinished; it’s like `to be and not to be’. And those hanging moments trying to crawl through the digits of right into my heart,” he said about his work.

Nadeem Ahmed worked on Sufi poetry in contemporary art since 2007, with a purpose that message of Sufi saints goes everywhere through art. The work explores the life style of truck drivers that opens a chapter of fascinating colours, design, culture and expressions.
(Daily Times)

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