Dreaming Colours Solo Show by Shakir Mughal

Dreaming Colours Solo Show by Shakir Mughal

Dreaming Colours
Solo Exhibition of Artist

Shakir Mughal

H.E Ms Cecilie Landsverk
Has Very Kindly consented to
Inaugurate the Exhibition

on Tuesday 18 February 2014 at 4:30 pm
the Exhibition will continue till 28 February 2014

Jharoka Art Gallery
House No. 8, street No. 28, F-8/1,
Islamabad – Pakistan.

Artist Statement:

My Exhibition “Dreaming Colours” based on mixture of unintentional blur dreams which totally muddled or blended with colours and completely forgotten on wake up. That’s probably the reality of dreaming as no one plans dreams they just comes out of nowhere and 7t.– don’t stick into our memories, although they aren’t obvious yet they drained or expels the reality of everyday life into our brains in an abstract and unexplained form.

I don’t want the imprisonment of colours in shapes or their concealment in limitations; I rather prefer them in an uncontrolled and unplanned way; just like the hollow space of vast limitless blue sky with multiple shades of blue; like colours are living their own life without empowerment of shapes and fear of boundaries, boards and holding lines but just freedom. This limitlessness makes layers of colours on top of each other’s and creates new meanings of colours, shades, textures, tones and lines.

In this series “Dreaming Colours” I have shown my divine affiliation with colours! have tried to narrate my dreams in many forms and shapes with colours in a very conceptual way. Therefore when they collaborate or merge with each other they produce / depict meaningful picture or even some beautiful landscape but without lines.


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