Dimension One Exhibition of Artworks at Drawing Studio

Dimension One’, an exhibition of artworks by three artists, opened at Drawing Studio on Sikander Malhi Road on Tuesday.

Eighteen artworks by artists Naureen Rasheed, Aneela Khursheed and Farrukh Adnan are on display. Famous artists Saeed Akhtar and Bin Qalandar were present.

Curator and owner of Drawing Studio Muhammad Ashraf said about the theme of the exhibition that line was a basic element of design leading to all forms of visual communication.

“Whatever the medium and approach any artist has, tangible or intangible, perhaps without line nothing is possible,” he said.

art of Farrukh Adnan

Farrukh Adnan graduated from National College of Arts (NCA) in 2008 as a graphic designer. He is studying a post graduation in visual arts at the Beacon House National University. Farrukh’s lines have sense of absolute clarity and unchangeableness. He composes this element of design on picture plane in straight, stark and hard manners. Many artists in history have practiced this way and amidst the best known there is 20th century Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. He used only primary colors and straight black lines, carefully arranging the resulting rectangles to form inventively balanced compositions.

art of Noureen Rasheed

Noureen Rasheed, another participant, is a recent graduate of the NCA; she completed her degree in miniature painting in 2012.
Noureen started her art career in 2003 from Naqsh School of Arts, Lahore, where she stayed till 2007. At Naqsh School, she learned traditional arts and developed skills in traditional miniature painting techniques.

At present, Noureen is working as a lecturer at the Lahore College for Women’s University; she is also busy with curatorial projects and has had worked with the Lahore museum. As a painter, she is very committed and her work has been shown nationally and internationally.

Noureen connects the picture plane by the uses of grid, a network of lines that extend fully over the 2D surface. Some of her works fill surfaces with delicate white diagonals and others are rendered fluidly in the way of traditional technique of miniature painting ‘siyah qalam’. Noureen’s practice appears in the soft sense of trampoline which seems a response of emotional sensitivity.

art of Aneela Khursheed

Aneela Khursheed is the third member of this group. Her first degree is from the University of Balochistan. Aneela progressed and developed her work which is comparable with any artist graduated from privileged institutes of the country. Aneela creates grid on mirror and allows viewer to become the part of picture plane by looking into mirror.

She combines multiple concepts in her grid based compositions and the lines are drawn with paints, mirror cutter, and sometime hitting the mirror appears like jagged fork lightning. Her work is like a jigsaw puzzle where viewer interacts starkly and ambiguously with the surfaces. She communicates with people through her work where viewers confront with her and sees self distortions and destructions. Aneela is studying MA in Visual Arts at the NCA presently.

The exhibition will remain on till Oct 6.

Drawing Studio
23/28 Sikandar Malhi Road Gulberg II,

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