Digital Art Work on Pakistan After 500 Years by Kenny Irwin

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Kenny Irwin was born in Palm Springs in 1974 to a very large family. He began producing art from the beginning. He attended pre-school, kindergarten, elementary school and five boarding schools. He took the GED and went to CCAC, Oakland Ca from 1991-1995. He is a graduate of CCAC in fine arts.

His major accomplishments includes several patents & copyrights on innovations and inventions of several products & names. He has won several contests that include Palm Valley School, Bloomfeild hills, Michigan state wide art competitions and several others.
At age 13 he began his annual robot themed light show which has been going on for 22 years. The light show was officially declared the largest residential light display in all of north america.


Kenny first produced ceramic sculptures at summer camp. His works were submitted by St. Theresa School as entries in the Valley-wide Shakespeare Art and Drama Festival, sponsored by Palm Valley School. Kenny’s sculpture captured first prize in the Sculpture category.

Kenny’s passion to create new types of art expression took him to other mediums, “found art”, oil painting, high temperature ceramics, pen drawings, large wielded steel sculptures etc. His multi-media installation at Cranbrook School in Michigan gained much local notice and his entry in the Michigan State High School Art Showing won him “Best of Show” at the age of 15. An art critic for the Detroit Free Press wrote his Sculpture teacher, Mrs. Kaplan,

Keeping in mind current growth rate and GDP of Pakistan, one can say the nation needs to put best of their efforts to make current economical situation better and beat the world. But one person, Kenny Hassan, thinks otherwise. He made bunch of pictures considering growth rate constant and imagining how Pakistan might look like in future. He calls in futuristic Pakistan.

Since technology is getting cheaper and penetrating in every market, so Pakistan, even in future would adapt new technology, everyone in Pakistan would avail and enjoy that futuristic technology, just like everyone is having a mobile today. Since current situation is kept constant, so human capital, lifestyle of people would remain the same.

Considering this concept in mind, here are pictures of futuristic Pakistan. It’s just for fun.
(Source, & Kenny Irwin site)

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