A bust of Mohammed Ali Jinnah has been unveiled in London

London Mayor Sadiq Khan unveils a bronze bust of the man known as the founding father of Pakistan.

The young Jinnah studied law in London before returning to India to join the campaign against British rule.

He later demanded an independent homeland for Muslims, creating Pakistan in 1947.
The man behind the sculpture, Phillip Jackson, has also made statues of Gandhi and footballer Bobby Moore.

The bust will be permanently placed at Lincoln’s Inn in London, where he qualified as a barrister.

Comment: He was a very serious man, he was a very dedicated man, he was a determined man and those were the sort of qualities that I tried to get into the sculpture.

Comment: This sculpture is a fantastic tribute to the Quaid (Leader) to Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s legacy and his achievments.

Comment: He’s a leader we should be looking up to, his principles, his ideas. So I’m really proud today seeing the bust.

Comment: I think it’s something that everyone has been waiting for, for a long time. And to see a Pakistani person of such prominence being put at Lincoln’s Inn I think it’s a really good thing.

Source: BBC Radio Asian Network Reports

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