Brilliant Paintings by Three Women Artists at Nomad Gallery

An exhibition of brilliant paintings by three women artists, Tayyaba Aziz, Sumera Jawad, and Ufaq Ehsan, whose work epitomises their inner strength and sensitivity, opened at Nomad here on Wednesday.

The exhibition’s title ‘Mere khuli huee aankhon ko koi khwab tau dey’ is a verse by eminent poet Kishwar Nahid.

Tayyaba is an artist who opted for Fine Arts in her academic year to discover realistic art, did a certificate course from the Central Institute of Art and Craft, MBA (Marketing) from Hamdard University, and studied two years with Mansoor Rahi to enhance her creativity. Her paintings have been exhibited at Rahi Gallery, Jharoka, Aqs, and Grandeur Art Gallery.

“I categorise myself as an analytical cubist. I have detached analytical cubism from monochromatic expression to bring more life to it,” Tayyaba stated.

Tayyaba depicts the world as a place, which is not as it seems. “I analyse the subject from multiple viewpoints, reconstruct it within a geometrical framework, and create an image by distorting the forms, using numerous colours from a full palette,” she said. The artist claimed to have enjoyed using a geometrical formula that solved the problem of drawing three-dimensional objects with the approximation of four dimensions on a two- dimensional surface.

Ufaq’s work is inspired by “this wonderful world of colours and their healing powers.” Colours play a vital role in shaping the human psyche. “The sounds, fragrances and people around me inspire the colours I choose and the images I construct. From the time that a single painting begins to the time I complete it, the personalities, auras and moods of people around me shape my work, which makes each painting unique,” Ufaq said.

Ufaq completed her Bachelors in Art in 1996 before obtaining a four-year degree in Fine Arts from Lahore’s National College of Arts. Her work has been featured in numerous group exhibitions across Pakistan. She also possesses vast experience as an art therapist.

Sumera Jawad’s art focuses on women. “Women have always been the central character in literature, art and poetry, especially in the Sub-continent. Even today, the role of females is very vital in our society; no cultural activity can be complete without their presence. Females are also an embodiment of beauty. As such, it is natural for artists to pain women in their perfect form as goddesses or ideal figures. History is full of such icons. From the cave men to the post-modern men, artists have always conjured up imagery of the feminine. Thus, as art evolves, we can rest assured that the image of the female will always be an important inspiration and symbol in an artist’s creative visualisation,” Sumera expressed. The exhibition, which will continue till May 30, is indeed a treat for the eyes and soul.


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