Beauty of Imagination Photographic Exhibition at RAC

Rawalpindi Arts CouncilA photographic exhibition, depicting the glory of sunset by a Multan-based artist, Mona Fazal, opened at the Rawalpindi Arts Council (RAC) here on Tuesday. The exhibition titled ‘Beauty of Imagination’ is divided into two sections — ‘Fantasy’ and ‘Reality’.

The exhibition was inaugurated by MNA Tahira Aurangzeb. As many as 53 photographs were put on display. Mona Fazal has captured these photographs over five years in various locations around Multan.

Talking to ‘The News,’ Mona Fazal said that she has done Bachelors in Graphic Designing and her major was Graphic Designing and Photography. She has also been doing freelance Graphic Designing for clients. “I want to do photography on literature and for this purpose I have chosen the poetry of renowned poet Mirza Ghalib. My thesis was on Ghalib’s poetry and I want to carry it on and take my work internationally. I have focused on the motivational work of Mirza Ghalib and done my photography on those lines. Ghalib has talked about the beauty of imagination and my work also depicts it. Some of the photographs are out of focus, stressing more on conception rather than reality. The inspiration engrossed in Ghalib’s verses should be highlighted, I want the world to see that inspiration and motivation through my photographs. I want to tell the world what Ghalib has taught us, and what I perceive can be seen through my lens. The presence of sun in most of my photographs depicts the positivity, hope and optimism in one’s life.”

The photographs are not treated but they are conceptual as well as some are realistic, she said. The display illustrated scenic beauty, serenity, the shades of evening and sunrise depicting a ray of hope for oneself. Mona Fazal loves nature and presents literature through lens. Clouds, trees, grass, flowers, sunset, lake, fields and sunrise fancy her lens which has been captured in abundance.

After opening ceremony, Tahira Aurangzeb said that Mona Fazal has tried to stop time to appreciate priceless artwork. She said that artist’s approach towards theme is constant and same feelings emerge in viewer’s mind and it seems that everything is going to be normalised with the passage of time.

RAC Resident Director Waqar Ahmed said that the RAC is working for the promotion of art and culture through such exhibitions and events. Naheed Manzoor congratulated Mona Fazal on holding first solo exhibition and starting career from the Rawalpindi Arts Council.

The exhibition was attended by people from different walks of life. The photographs will remain on display at the Rawalpindi Arts Council till July 4.


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