Beauty and Art at Grandeur Art Gallery

Beauty and Art at Grandeur Art GalleryWhat does an art lover do when he sees artworks by the likes of Mansur Aye, Wahab Jaffer and Hajra Mansur under one roof? It’s a case of being spoilt for choice. This is the kind of feeling art buffs can have visiting a group show under way at the Grandeur Art Gallery. The lineup comprises more than 20 artists of high merit.

Mansur Aye’s study of the female form often ends up exploring the aesthetics involved in the subject that he draws. His artwork on display is eye-catching for two reasons: one, the face that he’s drawn seems readily recognizable to the viewer despite not knowing her; two, the pensive expression on the face is infectious, as if that’s what life is all about.

Wahab Jaffer sticks to speaking his mind (or heart) through colours. His colours assume shapes that can be interpreted in ways more than one. They soar in the form of columns of flames and give off a fiery vibe. But they are also the confluence of ideas initiated by many an incident that caused the artist to present himself in not-so-clear terms.

Hajra Mansur’s paintings move towards the softer and romantic side to life. The girl with big, elliptical eyes and long, dainty fingers is the artist’s tribute to beauty. The tribute, however, can be construed as a comment on the painful one-dimensional terms in which beauty is sometimes described.

Abdul Hayee opts for a different route and focuses on landscape. Mind you, these landscapes do not reflect well-scythed pieces of land: they depict them as nature wants them to be. A.S. Rind and Abrar’s ode to women continues in their distinct styles. Mr Rind persists with juxtaposing his decked-up rustic woman with a bird and Mr Abrar carries on with examining his protagonist’s concealed charm with sensuous lines.

The exhibition will be open till April 24.


42 art forms adorn at Grandeur Art Gallery

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