Atif Iqbal Qazi

Atif Iqbal Qazi Art-001

The art of calligraphy has been an important ingredient of Islamic culture and society for more the thousand years. The Holy Quran’s script is being written in several styles the Quranic verses are found in cosmic colors and techniques.all of these styles and techniques depict the love of individual to his Creator. As a calligraphist Atif Iqbal adopted a mannerism of calligraphy which would not resemble with any existing style and techniques Atif Iqbal is a Lahore bases calligraphist who is first time having a solo exhibition in Islamabad at Jharoka art gallery. There are 43 pieces of calligraphy in this exhibition. This exhibition will continue till 26 of May.2011 Atf iqbal has learned the skills of drawing and the techniques of calligraphy from different institute of Punjab during the studies of drawing and painting he has been lucky to have the presence of distinguished painters as his teachers

Atif Iqbal Qazi Art-002

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