Artwork relates beauty, love, humanity at Alhamra Art Gallery

Artwork woven by threads trying to show relation between beauty, love and humanity exhibition by Abdul Waheed was held at the main ground of Alhamra Art Gallery on Monday.

Nayyar Ali Dada inaugurated the exhibition while a large number of students from different art institutions and art lovers appreciated the artwork as being very rare in Pakistan. “Homeless is not a condition of being without a roof, but of not feeling ‘at home’ in the house one has.” It is quite interesting that pure things (fitrat) feelings and emotions can never be translated through any medium, as what they represent is altered by human interpretation or perception, said Abdul Waheed.

He said that he thought the same thing is happening with design; working on the lines of common conditioning more rather than the sensations and perceptions. The idea of the product matters more than the conditions, thus to work freely from these conditions on an idea is simpler and effective, Abdul Waheed added.
(Daily Times)

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