Artwork of Raja Changez Sultan redefines clash of images

Art work of Raja Changez Sultan, former DG PNCA went on display over the weekend in local art gallery depicting encounter between self image and disguised image of man of today.

The exhibition managed to draw large amounts of VIPs including foreign diplomats and PTI chief Imran Khan.

Exhibition hosted by Bina Sultan of BNS and Susana Guajardo Organised and coordinated by Ambreen Azhar turned out to be a major success and all the paintings by the end of the event were sold out. The pangs of agony of man of this era echo and re-echo in the disillusioned images of his own which have been crafted strikingly by the artist. The paintings are on permanent display for the art lovers at House No 2 Street 1, F-6/3.

(The Nation)

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